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Want to know a little more in depth about our services?

When we fit Tyres we do the proper job! Here at Gwent Mobile Tyres we remove all corrosion from wheels and apply sealant each time we fit a Tyre to ensure no air leaks. Supplying a new valve, re-torquing and fully balancing all wheels is part of our service .During our visit we provide a Tyre pressure/condition/tread check along with an oil and anti-freeze check when requested.
Gwent Mobile Tyres supply/fit the following brands;
- Michenlin
- Bridestone
- Pirrelli
- Dunlop
- Continental
- Cooper
- Avon
- Firestone
- Yokohama
Not only do we fit new Tyres but where ever possible we will repair any punctures, as long as it is safe and within good practice to do so. Professional bead sealing ensures Tyres won't deflate unnecessarily, we think this is also a vitally important part of our service, which enables your Tyres to last longer.
G.M.T. provide a professional Mobile Brake Fitting Service. We change worn brake Pads/Discs at the clients convenience. Our Tyre practice also applies to our brake services, 'We will come to you!' When fitting new Tyres, we check brakes for all our customers free of charge. 

     Tyres   Brakes   Early Bird Appointments   24HR Call Out    Home/Work/Roadside   Renewal/Repairs        
                                    'WE WILL COME TO YOU !'
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